Better quality of care, improved practice efficiency, streamlined compliance, enhanced workflow, more referrals, better clinical outcomes


More transparency, more coordinated care, higher engagement, greater satisfaction with providers, leading to better short-term outcomes and long-term survivorship


Cost savings from more efficient utilization, improved technology and analytics, enhanced reputation in oncology care and clinical leadership


Lower costs of care, improved adherence to guidelines, fewer redundant tests, lower re-admissions/reoccurrences

We aim to disrupt the way medical professionals communicate with each other and their patients, make evidence based decisions, educate, engage and involve their patients in the care process. According to the Institute of Medicine up to 30% of the $150 billion per year spent on cancer care in the United States is wasted. Medical professionals point to inefficiency in communication, over treatment and unnecessary testing as key drivers leading to waste. Furthermore, many patients experience difficulty in communicating effectively with their care teams and difficulty in understanding their illness and potential treatment options.


The Current Situation -Unstructured inbound communication

As a healthcare professional we are all very busy, and inundated with emails, text messages, calendar alerts, …So much so that we ignore them, swipe them away on our phones to discard them or read them later or we lose them in the pile-up of messages that we go through at the end of the day.

Additional Challenges

We are challenged with “How do I get relevant, important messages to selected people ensure they’re read, and engage the recipients enough that they’ll consume the information, respond if they have questions, and we can maybe even measure the impacts and outcomes?”


•       Multi-Tenant
•       Push Notifications
•       Send Group Alerts
•       Capture Survey feedback
•       User Analytics

Obtain high level message insight and interaction. How many users the message was sent to, how many have read, how many interactions and user response count.